Technology to reduce particulate matter emissions

for healthier air

Developed through many years of research and experimentation, the TAMIC® technology solution is now available to all manufacturers who wish to use it.

It is capable of absorbing up to 85% of the fine particles emitted during the braking of a vehicle or a train, whether it is an individual or a group, light or heavy, internal combustion or electric. Protected by a portfolio of patents, registered in many countries around the world, TAMIC® can be easily fitted to original equipment vehicles as well as retrofitted to trucks and rail vehicles.

With TAMIC® it is possible to significantly reduce air pollution.


A technical challenge for public health

Capturing the fine particles produced during braking at source, avoiding their dispersion in the air, preventing their inhalation… TAMIC® meets all these technical, environmental and public health challenges. 40% of fine particle emissions come from transport and are considered the most serious pollutant in Europe in terms of human health impacts. TAMIC® is therefore aimed at the road and rail transport industries, two particularly demanding markets, with a solution that can be easily fitted to both original equipment vehicles and retrofitted to trucks and rail vehicles.

A decade of R&D


After 10 years of research and development, testing and experimentation in real-life conditions, we have developed an active vehicle filtration technology.

TAMIC® is now capable of absorbing up to 85% of the fine particles emitted during vehicle braking, even before they are released into the atmosphere.

Consisting of an electronic card that activates a turbine when braking and a filter that retains particles, TAMIC® is a universal product that can easily be fitted to cars, trucks and railcars.

Protected innovation and recognised know-how


A portfolio of patents protects the TAMIC® technology solution, registered in many countries around the world. Every day, Tallano Technologies carries out research in its Innovation Lab to test, trial, improve and anticipate future technical and regulatory developments in order to offer the most effective product to meet the public health challenges to which all countries in the world are exposed today.

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TAMIC®, the universal solution

TAMIC® is a universal technology for all types of vehicles, whether individual, collective, light, heavy, internal combustion or electric, in the automotive (cars and trucks) and rail (trains and metros) sectors.

  • Anticipates and complies with regulations
  • Has a specially designed filter for all automotive and railway sectors
  • Maintenance free, except for changing the filter
  • Low cost of production
  • Can be easily installed on any braking system

The response to increasingly strict regulations

After several months of consultation with the industry, the European Commission published its new “Euro 7” standard on November 10, 2022. It will start to apply from July 1, 2025 for passenger cars and vans, and from July 1, 2027 for trucks and buses.

It will be the first global standard to set limits on brake particulate emissions. These particles are the finest (down to 10 nanometers) and therefore dangerous because they penetrate the lungs more easily. Another notable fact is that this regulation will apply to electric vehicles, which by definition do not use combustion engines.

“Euro 7” extends the period during which vehicles will have to comply with the limitation of pollutant emissions. Thus, the compliance of passenger cars and vans will be checked until these vehicles reach 200,000 kilometers and 10 years of existence. The previous standard was 100,000 kilometers and 5 years. Buses and trucks will also be subject to new rules in this area.

In collaboration with Veolia, Tallano’s teams are studying the life cycle of used filters to ensure that they are properly treated.

A solution adapted
to all of your needs

Rail transport

In confined areas like rail and metro stations, concentrations of fine particles are 10 times higher than those found outdoors. The TAMIC® system is a universal solution adapted to rail transport. The TAMIC® system removes up to 85% of the fine particles emitted by brakes at the source.

The braking system of a car emits 6 times more particles than the exhaust system. 30 mg/km versus 4.5 mg/km. The TAMIC® system reduces fine particle emissions from brake abrasion up to 85%.
Heavy goods vehicles
The TAMIC® product has been designed to fit any type of vehicle (HGV, bus, coach, light commercial vehicle, refuse truck, etc.). TAMIC® is a complete fine particle capture system for brakes, consisting of a control, suction and filtration system, to eliminate up to 85% of the emissions caused by brake use.

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