Solution to reduce particulate matter in railway transports

Tamic® for
an even more sustainable railway sector

The air we breathe is becoming increasingly polluted. In train stations, it is even more so. Public transport is often presented as a more environmentally friendly mode of travel than the private car. In Europe, rail transport (trains, metro, regional express railway, trams, etc.) mainly uses electricity to operate, which is less polluting than the energy used by most private cars. However, the braking system still emits fine particles that are harmful to health. TAMIC® captures these emissions before they become airborne.


The 3 challenges of the railway industry

Rail activity is accompanied by air pollution with fine particles, more than 70% of which come from the braking system*. This fine dust is harmful, especially in the confined environment of underground stations. In most underground rail networks, fine particles are 10 times higher than the outdoor air quality standards**.

Tallano Technologies was created to help the rail industry reduce this source of pollution, which poses serious health and environmental problems, and beyond that, to help meet three major challenges.

* Study on the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB CFF).

** Study carried out by the Anses in May 2022.

  • A technological challenge

    How to significantly improve the air quality in stations?

  • A health challenge

    How to contribute to reducing the number of premature deaths due to air pollution?

  • A sustainable mobility challenge

    How to make stations cleaner and the air in them more breathable?

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Three reasons to choose TAMIC® for the railway

TAMIC® applications in the railway sector

The TAMIC® system has been designed to be adapted, after adjustment, to different types of rail transport ranging from a metro train to a tramway.

  • Tested and approved by major industry players
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Makes public transport even more sustainable

Full-scale tests

Co-developed with the SNCF, TAMIC® has been tested since December 2020 on line C of the regional express railway in the Ile-de-France region. Various metro operators in other cities around the world are also showing interest and are starting to test it. This groundbreaking innovation is particularly attractive because it can be easily installed in railway trains. TAMIC® consists of specific brake linings and a control, suction and filtration system that captures fine particles at the source, before they are disseminated in the air, in stations that are often confined spaces. TAMIC® was awarded a prize at the Seoul Global Challenge 2021, an international competition to promote innovative technologies to address urban challenges. It was awarded first prize in the technology category.


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