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Founded in 2012 by Christophe Rocca-Serra, and chaired and managed by Jean-Louis Juchault, Tallano Technologies is a pioneer in particle emission reduction systems for vehicle braking. Its TAMIC® technology is the fruit of the work of its in-house design office, made up of engineers from the automotive and rail industries. Tallano Technologies currently holds one of the world’s largest patent portfolios in this field, making it one of the key players in the industry. Tallano Technologies is actively backed by investors from the financial, industrial and transport sectors.


Founded in 2012, Tallano Technologies has developed a particle suction system called “TAMIC®” which is attached directly to the brakes of road or rail vehicles.

The reduction performance achieved by Tallano Technologies is unequalled and has already enabled it to develop various partnerships with several railway operators, including the SNCF, car manufacturers and equipment manufacturers in Europe and Asia.

Since March 2023, Tallano Technologies is a member of CLEPA.

CLEPA is the European Association of Automotive Suppliers. It represents more than 3,000 companies and cover all products and services within the automotive supply chain. Founded in 1959 and based in Brussels, CLEPA is recognized as the natural discussion partner by international organizations and fellow associations.

Tallano shares the CLEPA’s vision for the European automotive suppliers to be the leading providers of highly efficient and sustainable mobility.



A Cleantech pioneer in clean braking, Tallano Technologies is helping to transform the transport industry to produce vehicles with less impact on health, thanks to an innovative technology that retains up to 85% of the particles emitted by vehicle braking.


To contribute to the significant capture of fine particles from the braking system.


Designer an innovative technology that captures up to 85% of the fine particles emitted by vehicle braking systems.


Our business and CSR values


A deep desire to have a positive impact on the world brings us together and unites us.


We want to unite all the players in the transportation industry around a common goal.


For 10 years, we have innovated, tested, experimented, and proven ourselves in order to design the most efficient product.


Our eco-system, composed of engineers, technicians and financiers, is expert in industrial production models.


For us, it is essential to work in an environment that fosters trust, collaboration and sustainable growth.

The enthusiasm

At Tallano Technologies we cultivate a pleasant and enthusiastic state of mind so that all our collaborators flourish in their professional environment.

The integrity

At Tallano Technologies, it lies at the heart of our professional ethics. We are committed to honesty and loyalty in all our actions and relationships.

The respect

Everyone naturally finds their place. We value diversity as an asset and a source of wealth.


As a Cleantech company, we are committed to improving air quality by developing innovative technologies. Proud to be pioneers in the field of clean braking, we are resolutely committed to an environmental and societal approach. To succeed, we rely on the support and collaboration of all our stakeholders.

Since 2023, Tallano Technologies has been a signatory of the Charte de la Diversité (Diversity Charter), a commitment text intended for all employers wishing to actively promote diversity and go beyond legal obligations in the fight against discrimination. Through this proactive approach, we are affirming our commitment to inclusion and equality within our company.


Jean-Louis Juchault

I joined Tallano Technologies and its founder Christophe Rocca Serra in 2016 as Managing Director and – in June 2023 – took over as Chairman when Christophe stepped down. He has played a key role in our company since its inception. His commitment and visionary leadership have enabled Tallano Technologies to become a cleantech pioneer in the field of clean braking. I am determined to capitalize on this strong heritage and propel our company to new horizons.

What’s more, my passion for cars has always made me sensitive to the solutions offered by Tallano Technolgies. When I took part in motor racing events, I always made sure to offset my carbon emissions by supporting associations such as Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s, dedicated to reforestation. Joining Tallano Technologies was a natural extension of this personal approach, since TAMIC® captures fine particle emissions from vehicle braking systems at source. This convergence between my personal values and Tallano Technologies’ innovations is always an additional source of motivation for me.

Finally, throughout my career, I have always been driven by a passion for innovation. Whether in the financial field during my previous professional activities, or today in the technological field with Tallano Technologies, I am motivated by the constant search for new ideas and innovative solutions.

As President of Tallano Technologies, I am determined to lead our company to new heights, focusing on continuous innovation and offering solutions to reduce fine particles from the braking system to our industrial partners.

A lawyer by training, I created and managed several financial asset management companies between 1990 and 2016. During my career, I focused on creating financial solutions that did not exist before.

The TAMIC® solution is of course a technological innovation but it is above all an innovation of thought. Until then, everyone agreed that the pollution linked to the use of braking systems was a necessary evil… Tallano Technologies has come to challenge this preconceived idea, because we are not only talking about an improvement of the existing systems but also about the cancellation, at the source, of more than 90% of the fine particles emitted during vehicle braking.

Muriel Draillard Babalao

The common thread of my choices has always been innovation. Both passionate and with a temperament to shake up the lines, it is quite naturally that I was seduced by Tallano Technologies, a pioneer Clean Tech which has set itself the mission of solving a real public health problem. The commitment and the passion which animate its leaders, as well as their great professionalism, finished to convince me. Since April 2023, my role has been to build strategic partnerships with key players in the sector and to develop the TAMIC® solution commercially at the international level.

I have a degree in international management, with a double specialization in finance and logistics. I worked in several large petrochemical multinationals and then specialized in the automotive industry. For more than 20 years, I brought my skills to major equipment manufacturers such as Asahi Glass, Faurecia or LPA Automotive. After starting in the implementation of information systems, I developed a business expertise, contributed to the deployment of international strategies, and to the implementation of partnerships aiming at strengthening the positions of these large groups. I have held, among others, the positions of Sales and Marketing Director for Mechanisms and Key Account Director for OEMs such as Stellantis. My arrival at Tallano Technologies is also a way to reconnect with the dynamics and audacity of my first professional experience in a multimedia start-up in San Francisco.

TAMIC® tackles the heart of the problem and was created to meet a real need: to effectively reduce the pollution linked to braking. Economically accessible, the Tallano Technologies solution has been designed to be easily and intuitively integrated on any type of vehicle. After several years of laboratory and real-life tests, TAMIC® is ready to meet its market.

Loïc Adamczcak

I met the founders of Tallano Technologies when I was working for Plastic Omnium. I then discovered the TAMIC® solution, which interested me a lot for its technological complexity, its positive impact on public health and for its environmental dimension. So I joined the team in 2017 as technical director to work on improving the system’s performance.

A textile engineer graduated from ENSAIT, with a PhD in materials science and engineering from the Ecole des Mines de Paris, I was for more than 17 years the R&D director of the Friction Material activity at Valeo, the leading French automotive supplier. I then directed innovation at Porcher Industries, then at Plastic Omnium, where I developed new products and new processes.

During braking, two main categories of fine particles are emitted: airborne particles, which remain suspended in the air and which we breathe, and larger, heavier particles, which are deposited in the vehicle and on the road. The latter seem less dangerous since we do not breathe them, but they end up in runoff water and then in plants, etc. Moreover, they can be fragmented and become finer and lighter and still end up in the air and therefore in our lungs. Contrary to other solutions, TAMIC® attacks all particles and this is why it is innovative! Especially since it has now been proven both in the laboratory and in real-life conditions.


Louis Schweitzer
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Inspector of Finance, Louis Schweitzer was Chief of Staff to Laurent Fabius, Minister of the Budget and then Minister of Industry and Research and Prime Minister, from 1981 to 1986. In 1986, he joined Renault and was Chairman and CEO from 1992 to 2005. From 2011 to 2020, Louis Schweitzer was President of Initiative France, the leading network of associations providing financial support and guidance to entrepreneurs.

« The TAMIC® system is an affordable invention that allows the automotive industry and all transporters to eliminate a major source of pollution.»

Gwendoline Cazenave

CEO of Eurostar Group from October 2022, Gwendoline Cazenave was previously a partner at Oliver Wyman where she worked on the French and European transport and services markets, with a particular focus on the rail sector and related sectors in terms of strategy/finance, operations and transformation. Previously, as an executive at SNCF, she held the position of General Manager of the TGV Atlantique, Director of Finance, Strategy and Legal Affairs at SNCF Voyages and various strategic and operational responsibilities within the TER branch.

« I am delighted to bring my international and railway experience to Tallano Technologies. »

Philippe Thiolat

Engineer, graduate of HEC Paris, Philippe Thiolat has developed biodegradable packaging solutions within the Thiolat Packaging group, which he led from 1996 to 2018. Since 2018, director of Thiolat Développement, he invests in innovative and disruptive industrial projects.

« Tallano provides mobility manufacturers with a credible response, technically and economically, to a major public health problem. I am excited to be associated with this approach. »

Marc Romano

Committed to tackling environmental challenges, Marc joined Mirova as Senior Advisor, then as Managing Director in 2021 to lead the Impact Private Equity business. Prior to joining Mirova, he held various positions at Rothschild & Co, and was also the CEO of investment entities at Schroders, the Crédit Agricole Group and AXA, as well as the CEO of Amundi’s private equity and infrastructure fund of funds business.

« Micro-particle pollution is a major public health issue, and we are delighted to support Tallano, whose innovation provides a practical, effective and affordable solution to this problem. »

Marina Gröenberg

Marina is a founding partner and CEO of HEMMA Group, where she oversees the strategic development of the group, as well as the portfolio companies. With over 20 years of experience in the financial industry, she has worked with major investment banks and held various management positions in financial and industrial private equity firms.

« I focus on cultural and sustainable investments. Tallano Technologies is unique because it has found an “out of the box” TAMIC® solution that solves a big health and environmental problem that no one was talking about! »

Philippe Harache

Philippe Harache is a graduate of the Polytechnic Institute of Advanced Sciences, holds a DESS from the IAE of Paris and an Advanced Management Program from Harvard University. He began his career at Société Aérospatiale, then was appointed Chief of Staff to the Chairman of Eurocopter and became Deputy Managing Director of Eurocopter participations. He also served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Europcoter International before becoming Vice President of EADS.

« As an early supporter of the Tallano Technologies adventure, I was enthusiastic about the ingenious, albeit relative, simplicity of the solution proposed in response to the extreme importance and topicality of a major, almost universal public health problem. »

Gilles Schang

Now Deputy Director of the Ecotechnologies, City of Tomorrow & French Tech Acceleration Cluster at Bpifrance, Gilles has been a technology venture capitalist for over 20 years. Prior to joining Bpifrance, he was a Partner at Société Générale Asset Management in the innovation capital investment teams in the life sciences and environment sectors. During his career, he has carried out more than thirty transactions in France and abroad and is currently a director of Axeleo, Fermentalg, Ynsect, Vulog, Stanley Robotics, Sabella, Naïo Technologies and Tallano Technologies.

Yvan-Michel Ehkirch

Yvan-Michel graduated from ESIEA (89) and started his career in the software industry. He has a solid experience in marketing, business development and management at major international software companies (Sherpa Corp., Dassault Systèmes), and was Director of Marketing and Development for Europe at Engineering Animation Inc (now Siemens PLM). He has been a venture capitalist since 2001. In 2011, he joined Karista, where he is a Managing Partner and member of the Board of Directors, and where he launched and developed the “Paris Region Venture Fund”. He oversees the digital and deeptech sectors and is a key player in the CosmiCapital fund dedicated to new space technologies.

« TAMIC® provides the embedded industrial solution to meet a considerable public health challenge at the global level. Tallano Technologies, born in the Paris Region, fits perfectly with the strategy of the Paris Region Venture Fund managed by Karista. »

I am proud that Tallano Technologies has become a global player in the fight against air pollution
Christophe Rocca-Serra

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