Solution to reduce particulate matter for heavy vehicles

Tamic® for heavy vehicles

The heavier a vehicle is, the more fine particles are emitted from its braking system, which are harmful to health and the environment. TAMIC® has been designed to address this. Designed to fit all types of vehicles (trucks, buses, coaches, light commercial vehicles, refuse trucks, etc.), TAMIC® is a complete system for capturing fine particles on brakes, consisting of a control, suction and filtration system, to eliminate up to 85% of the emissions caused by brake use.

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The 3 challenges of heavy goods vehicles

After focusing on the automotive and railway industries, Tallano Technologies decided to integrate heavy vehicles into its research and development process.

Whether buses, coaches, light commercial vehicles (LCVs) or heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), when braking, heavy vehicles generate fine particles that are harmful to health and the environment, particularly in city centres. The greater the weight of the vehicle, the greater the volume of fine particles emitted.

Tallano Technologies was created with the objective of contributing to meeting three major challenges.

  • A technological challenge

    How to significantly improve air quality and reduce the emission of fine particles?

  • A health challenge

    How to contribute to reducing the number of premature deaths due to air pollution?

  • A sustainable mobility challenge

    How to make the transport of people and goods greener in modern town and city centres?

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The 3 wishes granted by TAMIC®

All means of transport are affected by the release of fine particles into the air during braking. TAMIC® was developed by Tallano Technologies to be a scalable and adaptable solution.

  • Fewer fine particles in the air
  • Support for compliance with the future Euro 7 / VII standard
  • No need to change your vehicle to reduce its emissions of fine particles

A breakthrough innovation, an ongoing success

In November 2021, our first adaptation of the TAMIC® LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle) was presented at the Solutrans trade fair, alongside Lecapitaine, a subsidiary of the Petit Forestier group, a specialist in the rental of refrigerated vehicles.

In 2021, the Occitanie region has also decided to test TAMIC® on two of the buses running in Perpignan and its suburbs.
In July 2022, the city of Paris asked Tallano Technologies to equip a refuse truck with TAMIC for a test. This operation is currently being rolled out.

Finally, Tallano Technologies is also developing collaborations with equipment manufacturers.


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