Tallano Technologies announces the nomination of Jean-Louis Juchault as Chairman to replace Christophe Rocca-Serra

Press Release – Paris, Monday June 19, 2023 – NOMINATION


Tallano Technologies today announces the departure of Christophe Rocca-Serra founder and leader of the company since 2012. He is stepping down as Chairman and will be replaced by Jean-Louis Juchault, current Managing Director.

Christophe Rocca-Serra has been a key person in our company since the beginning. I would like to thank him for his commitment and visionary leadership, which have enabled the company to become a cleantech pioneer in clean braking. Christophe Rocca-Serra is appointed Honorary Chairman of the Company. The TAMIC® technology is reaching maturity and is in the industrialization phase, which is why we wanted to reorganize the company’s governance,” explains Louis Schweitzer, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Tallano Technologies.

The Tallano Technologies team is determined to continue growing the company. We look forward to pursuing our mission ‘to provide solutions to reduce fine particles from the braking system’ and are confident in our ability to support car and rail manufacturers in achieving this goal. As a cleantech company, we are committed to continuous innovation to offer our industrial partners the most advanced and efficient solutions on the market,” emphasizes Jean-Louis Juchault.


About Tallano Technologies

Founded in 2012 by Christophe Rocca-Serra and managed by Jean-Louis Juchault, Tallano Technologies is a pioneering company in the field of particulate emission reduction systems for vehicle braking. Its TAMIC® technology is the fruit of the work of its in-house design office, made up of engineers from the automotive and rail industries. Tallano Technologies currently holds one of the world’s largest patent portfolios in this field, making it one of the key players in the industry. Tallano Technologies is actively backed by investors from the finance, industry, and transport sectors.

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