Solutions to reduce particulate matter emissions


Curbing pollution
Tallano Technologies was created with one ambition:
to reduce air pollution linked to the emission of fine particles by braking systems.

Did you know?

About 80% of fine particle emissions from vehicles are not covered by current European and national regulations. This is because the emissions from braking systems are not taken into account.
Brake system
30 mg/km
of fine particles
Exhaust system
of fine particles

Key figures


The number of years of research and development that Tallano Technologies has devoted to the creation of TAMIC®.


This is the comparison between the emissions from the exhaust and those from the braking system. The braking system of a car emits 6 times more particles than the exhaust pipe: 30 mg/km against 4.5 mg/km.


That’s the efficiency rate of TAMIC®. Our system reduces fine particle emissions up to 85%.


TAMIC® innovation protects your health and your environment

TAMIC® filters up to 85% of the particles emitted by vehicle braking.

A solution adapted
to all of your needs

Rail transport

In confined areas like rail and metro stations, concentrations of fine particles are 10 times higher than those found outdoors. The TAMIC® system is a universal solution adapted to rail transport. The TAMIC® system removes up to 85% of the fine particles emitted by brakes at the source.

The braking system of a car emits 6 times more particles than the exhaust system. 30 mg/km versus 4.5 mg/km. The TAMIC® system reduces fine particle emissions from brake abrasion up to 85%.
Heavy goods vehicles
The TAMIC® product has been designed to fit any type of vehicle (HGV, bus, coach, light commercial vehicle, refuse truck, etc.). TAMIC® is a complete fine particle capture system for brakes, consisting of a control, suction and filtration system, to eliminate up to 85% of the emissions caused by brake use.

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